An Overview of Dronezone and Its Uses

Recent changes from U.S. Congress require recreational users to obtain prior authorization to operate within certain classes of airspace. DroneZone is a great tool for requesting authorizations prior to those recreational operations. The following article explains the best approach is for getting your request approved. 


Dronezone is a free resource for UAV pilots to learn>>>.  The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in agriculture is making farms increasingly profitable. UAVs are used to control pest populations, monitor crop health, and develop cropping plans that are specific to your fields. 

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  1. How to Tap into DroneZone’s resources– The fact that UAVs can fly significantly closer to crops without causing damage to them reduces the concern for drift of chemicals into areas where they are not wanted.
    • It is a manual process. Meaning it is actually processed by humans (unlike the automated process of LAANC). As such, approvals are subject to backlogs. This is where you register and request flights.
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  1. Who Should Use Drone Zone– 44809 is used for recreational drone pilots, in contract to professional drone pilots who use Part 107. They are NOT processing night requests in controlled airspace. .




Recreational drone pilots must register each of your flights prior to taking flight. .

The technology of UAVs is moving forward so rapidly that the laws, rules, and regulations have not been able to keep-up. As a result, a patchwork of exemptions, waivers, and label modifications is currently required for a commercial entity to aerially apply pesticides via UAVs.

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