Waiver Processing Assistance


Have you ever had a would-be client ever tell you how it’s easy it is to fly a drone and take a picture? However, it’s much harder than it appears. You need to have the right video and software, you need to be skilled using the software, you need to have computer with the proper processing capabilities to run the software programs

  • Is it the Right Waiver– Are you applying for the right Waiver? There are many different part 107 waiver exceptions and each one of them requires a different application process. So how do you know if you are even applying to the correct waiver?

What should you do if you want to apply for multiple waivers? For instance, what if you want to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), at night, and over people? Even if you get approved for the wrong waiver it doesn’t help your situation. 

  • Time Consuming– What is your time worth? Did you know that it is literally as expensive to change your own car oil as it is to take it to a discount oil change company? Now, some people like to change their oil and some people are roads that require special care, however, for the person, with the average car, it makes more sense to just drop off the vehicle and pick it up when it’s ready to waste half of your day change your oil.

I used to live near an oil change in garage where you literally did not get your car and. You pulled into a stall and as soon as you did, someone began working on your car from underneath. While they were working on the car a second employee with verify what type of oil you would like and take your payment. In a total of 10 minutes, your oil was changed in your back on the road.

However, if you want to change your own oil you have to first drive to an automotive parts store and buy the oil, you must also have the proper tools, and a receptacle to catch the oil. That the used oil cannot be thrown in the garbage or poured down a storm drain. Automotive parts stores will accept your used motor oil but this means another trip back to the parts store.

  • Done Correctly- If you did not follow all of the proper procedures then the FAA will either reject your waiver application or they will request additional documentation and verification. 

The FAA’s primary responsibility is safety and so they’re going to take into consideration the risk posed by your application.

What’s the point of this story? Doing it yourself is not always the cheapest or quickest way to accomplish something or fix a problem. The same thing is relevant when applying for Waivers or Exemptions with the FAA. I would have been better off taking it to the repair shop in the first place because after they diagnosed the problem it was actually a faulty radiator. There had been nothing wrong with the thermostat and the part that I broke was rather expensive to replace.

If you need help applying for your FAA Waiver Application then contact the Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS) Law Center can help you with the application. Contact us at 623-252-6884 or by messaging us HERE.